Dog Healing Stories

Dog Healing Stories

2020 Oct 15th

Calm and Healthy

Napoleon is a 9-year old Papillon, his pet parent Dawn coined him as a "Frenchman with a big attitude". Napoleon was brought in due to his problems with anxiety, nervousness, travel stress, and excessive barking at everything! He also had digestive problems and was eating raw meat along with a small amount of kibble. Poor digestion and discomfort as well as food reactions will almost always affect the nervous system.

Napoleon's adrenal glands were quite exhausted and he was a very fast little metabolizer, not so unusual for small dogs. We eliminated wheat, corn, and oats from his diet and added hemp seed oil for nutrition. We also gave him the Five Herb Digest herbal blend and homeopathic Gastricol to support his digestion. And then the Joint-Clear herbal blend to promote healthy adrenal function and reduce any inflammation. He also took a few doses of homeopathic Calc Carb, 200C, and Phosphorus, 1M to promote a healthy nervous system. "The change didn't take long, Napoleon has a much smaller attitude, there is much less barking and he likes to be touched," Dawn stated. "I can't get over the change. He is so much more enjoyable now." D. J. (Armstrong, B.C.)

Siri's New Lifestyle

Siri had a challenging health year. She had repeated bouts of skin rashes, bad breath, nasal discharge, and tons of sneezing! She also had a runny nose, runny eyes, was licking all the time and had excessive shedding. Sometimes at night she would wake up and have a hard time breathing through her nose. This picture is so, so similar to many of the dogs that come our way for help.

First up was a food change with natural home-cooked meals of light protein and vegetables. Siri was also started on the Para+Plus Tincture for detoxification and liver and kidney support, the Skin-Heal herbal blend, and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Now Siri’s pet parents report:

“For breakfast this morning Siri had cooked liver, rice, red pepper, apple, broccoli and a little potato leek soup. Happy Pup!

No more sneezing, bad breath, licking, reverse sneezing, runny nose, runny eyes or shedding. It will only start to come back if we give her a little kibble.” Kim R. (Revelstoke, B.C.) 

Bladder Health Improved

“Since about mid November, Charlee’s ability to control her bladder from laying down to standing up was basically non-existent. She didn’t have issues with peeing otherwise but was on prescription urinary food since a puppy due to crystals. The vet told me that her incontinence was due to her age, but I wanted to try something else to see if it would help her bladder control.

First you had me take her off the prescription kibble which contained wheat, corn, soy, and poor-quality fats. And then I put her on more natural dehydrated food including vegetables and whole grains, but no red meat, organ meats, or chicken. And on her new diet she wasn’t as thirsty and drank so much less.

Then I put her on Vitamin CKidney Care herbal blend, and homeopathic Bladder Drops. She is doing so much better and now has way more bladder control. Thank you sooooo much for your help!” …Sarah V. (Victoria, B.C.) February 2021

Frequent Urination

“The homeopathic Bladder Drops have made a huge difference in the life of my senior dog, Sasha. She is 15 and had any bladder stones removed a few years ago, recently she started having similar symptoms with frequent urination and leaking. The Bladder Drops have allowed her to sleep through the night and no racing to the door at the last minute. Thank you so much Riva's Remedies for this fine product!” …Ronda T.

Running Happy Again

Sandra adopted 11-year old Quasi from a shelter in 2012. He had a deformed and damaged trachea as well as a 

spinal deformity. He is on zero medications with Sandra preferring to support his health with homeopathy, herbs, mushrooms, and supplements. Then she added the Riva’s  Magnesium Citrate for his swollen heart. It worked immediately. His breathing improved, he coughs less, and he is able to run longer distances without gasping for air.

“He’s the gentlest, sweetest, happiest little booger we’ve ever met!” …Sandra T.