Joint Product Package Special for Dogs

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 Is your dog feeling stiff, having trouble getting up 
or suffering hind-end weakness?

We have helped many dogs, just like yours, get back on their feet with more ease and comfort. Whether they are a large breed, a youngster, or in their senior years, they can easily enjoy increased mobility and flexibility and once again be part of your happy family. Our special natural health product package is sure to promote increased health and wellness.        

Joint-Clear Herbal Blend is specifically formulated to relieve stiffness and inflammation, maintain normal adrenal function, and provide important nutrients to support bone health. 

Bone-Up provides calcium citrate and vitamin B6 to support bones, joints, and muscle health in dogs with sore, stiff, or arthitic joints. Calcium and vitamin B6 are a very effective pair of nutrients to benefit dogs of all types. 

Injur-Ease is our homeopathic combination of remedies which can be used for all cases of strains, sprains, bruises, swellings, and tissue trauma

Includes a FREE DOG LEASH!