*Calming, Bundle Special for Dogs

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Anxiety is a common problem for dogs of all breeds and ages and can be triggered by people, other dogs and animals, loud noises, vehicles, or anything unfamiliar. And many times, dogs are anxious without an apparent reason. Senior dogs also experience more anxiety. Anxiety and stress can be common causes of physical health problems as well. Helping to build your dog’s confidence, feeding a natural diet, and supporting the nervous system with well-selected supplements are important steps to relieving discomfort.

Diet Tip: Switch out dried kibble with dehydrated, freeze-dried, or home-cooked food. Eliminate red meat.

Calm & Cool herbal blend – Blended to support the nervous system as well as adrenal function. Maintains calm behaviour.

Calm-Aid homeopathic remedy – A fast-acting liquid remedy to promote natural calm behaviour in nervous dogs. Use before, during, or after travel, dog-walking, visitors, loud noises, or any other situations that cause them anxiety.

Vitamin B12  Maintains a healthy nervous system, mental wellness, and digestive health. Supports normal energy levels.