Interested in Learning More About Natural Horse Health?

Healing Horses Their Way is a comprehensive ONLINE COURSE that will teach you how to take the guesswork out of your horse’s health care.

This course will provide you with the insight and know-how to be able to identify and address the underlying causes of horse health imbalances using safe, natural, and noninvasive methods.

You will not only learn how to use diet, nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy to promote long-term health but you will also learn how to restore good health in unwell horses.

Healing Horses Their Way

Once you have a deeper understanding of how the equine body works and what the natural horse needs for optimum health and wellness – for the body, mind and spirit – you can start to apply the right combination of diet, nutrition and natural medicines to get them there, naturally.

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Here’s what you’ll get...

A solid foundation of knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else! You will leave this course with a step-by-step method to formulate natural health programs that work based on decades of hands-on experience.

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  • Up to 9 modules
  • Captivating videos
  • Printable slides
  • Lifetime access
  • Quizzes and progress tracking
  • Cheat sheets, tables, and charts
  • What our students are saying…

    Kim Krebs (Alberta, Canada)

    I cannot say enough about the course Elisha has put together for equine nutrition! I took part in the VIP program and it was so extensive and jam packed full of information. Definitely received every penny worth!! I am excited to work with the course information, incorporating it more into my practice as an equine bodyworker. Huge kudos to you Elisha for such a comprehensive look at equine nutrition and homeopathic remedies.

  • What our students are saying…

    Brittni Friesen (British Columbia, Canada)

    I loved every minute of this course! There is so much valuable information here, and Elisha has done an absolutely amazing job of putting it all together.

    As an equine chiropractor I get asked about nutrition and supplements all the time. I feel that the information I've learned in this course is definitely the answer. I'm so excited to start applying everything I've learned to all my clients horses as well as my own.

    It doesn't matter if you're an equine professional or just have horses for fun, if you prefer a natural approach to horse health care you will benefit from this course. Worth every penny!

Download one of our amazing guides below to get your horse on the right path to wellness.

10 Tips to
Resolving EMS

Have a horse with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)? Insulin Resistance and Cushing’s Disease are two of the most prevalent horse health conditions that exist in the domestic horse population today and they continue to rise in epidemic proportions. Download this free guide to get 10 of our best tips that you can implement to get them on the right track to recovery.

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5 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies in Horses

Selecting the right nutrients are one of the most important parts of formulating a successful natural program for your horse. This guide will help you learn how to identify and correct the 5 most common horse deficiencies that we come across . It will also outline how to use each of these nutrients therapeutically to resolve the most common equine health conditions.

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3 Underlying Causes of Equine Disease

The first step to any horse health program starts with determining the true underlying cause of the health condition. Once you are clear on the cause it will be easier to formulate a natural health program that will bring you and your horse effective and lasting results. Download this guide to learn what 3 causes lead to most domestic horse health problems out there.

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Meet Your Guide, Elisha

There is nothing I am more passionate about than sharing decades of knowledge and experience with you.

I am committed to helping you learn, understand and succeed in this program so that you can take this information forward to help every horse you meet.

This course will not only help the horses in your life horses feel better, look better and perform better but it will also help them strengthen their bond with you. The better they feel the more they want to connect.

I invite you to join me on my mission to improve the lives of horses everywhere by providing them with safe, natural and effective solutions.

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