Cat Health Consultations

Cat Health Consultations

Riva’s Remedies offers two different comprehensive health services for cats. Both services are provided by Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS. She is a Feline Health and Nutrition Specialist as well as the founder and formulator of Riva’s Remedies. Each service will provide a complete written report with a specific program based on your cats individual set of requirements. All of our services are provided remotely so you can take advantage of them no matter where you live. See the options below to choose the most suitable one for you and your cat. If you need help with your selection, please feel free to contact us.


Complete Health Consultation

Our comprehensive health assessments are for cats who are challenged by chronic or more complex health conditions such as kidney and bladder issues, thyroid imbalances, diabetes and digestive conditions.

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Hair Analysis

A hair tissue mineral analysis is an accurate and comprehensive lab test that uses atomic absorption methods to identify your cats’ mineral and nutritional imbalances. Each hair analysis tests the values of over 30 minerals and elements, 8 toxic heavy metals and 15 mineral ratios. A hair analysis is also an accepted method to determine the level of several toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum and arsenic. Toxic heavy metals are very destructive and routine blood tests cannot detect chronic heavy-metal poisoning.

A hair analysis can also reveal a variety of health conditions including adrenal dysfunction, thyroid and pituitary dysfunction, liver and kidney health, certain digestive issues, blood sugar imbalances, metabolism, anemia and inflammation.

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Oh my gosh, this report was excellent and so bang on. We have made the diet changes and added the homeopathic remedies and he has never looked better! ... Connie. C. (British Columbia, Canada)