Dog Health Consultations

Dog Health Consultations

Our products have helped thousands of dogs with a variety of different health problems ranging from allergies to anxiety to itchy skin. And in every case we provide general health and nutrition advice to support our products. But there are certain conditions or situations where our dogs are challenged by health problems and symptoms that require more than a supplement or remedy. Health can be very complex sometimes and when the family dog is sick, no one sleeps well. We therefore offer you and your dog full health consultations to provide you with the necessary help to get your dogs back chasing the ball.


Complete Health Consultation

Our comprehensive health assessments are for dogs who are challenged by chronic or complex health conditions such as skin allergies, Cushing’s Syndrome, digestive conditions such as pancreatitis, long-term joint pain, fatigue and immune disorders.

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Hair Analysis

A hair tissue mineral analysis is an accurate and comprehensive lab test that uses atomic absorption methods to identify your dog's mineral and nutritional imbalances. Each hair analysis tests the values of over 30 minerals and elements, 8 toxic heavy metals and 15 mineral ratios. A hair analysis is also an accepted method to determine the level of several toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum and arsenic. Toxic heavy metals are very destructive and routine blood tests cannot detect chronic heavy-metal poisoning.

A hair analysis can also reveal a variety of health conditions including adrenal dysfunction, thyroid and pituitary dysfunction, liver and kidney health, certain digestive issues, blood sugar imbalances, metabolism, anemia and inflammation.

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dog food allergy testing

Food Allergy Testing

Do you know what foods your dogs should be eating? And which foods they are or are not reacting to? Well, we have a solution for you. Food Allergy Testing can take the guesswork out of your dog's diet and get them back to good health. It starts with a simple saliva sample that tests over 125 allergens. using the ELISA method of testing. The ELISA method is the gold standard of immunosorbent assays and is a highly sensitive test.

Once you receive the results, you will know exactly what to feed and not to feed your dog(s). When food allergens are removed from your dog’s diet the results are astounding!

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I spent a lot of money on holistic vets, special diets, and other remedies for my dog’s skin rash and environmental allergies so I wish I had found Riva’s Remedies three years ago! We started him on a new diet program, corrected his nutritional deficiencies, and added specific herbal remedies. Marijke will be my go-to for any of the other dogs, my horses, or myself if the need arises.” ... Crystal M. (Ontario, Canada)