*Healing Dogs Their Way

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 This is the health care book your dog deserves!

"It's so refreshing to have someone as compassionate as Marijke work on the cause of your pet's health problems and not the symptoms. Marijke's work is by far the best, she is the real deal!" - K.R.

Dogs everywhere are itching, scratching, losing hair, biting themselves, vomiting, limping, trembling, reacting to food, dealing with diabetes and Cushing's, and suffering major breakdowns of the immune system like never before. Conventional treatment methods are helpless in the face of multiple food allergies, numerous immune disorders, the "plastic cone" epidemic and rising deaths due to cancer. But that need not be the case! Your dog has other options.

It's time for a new paradigm based on a deeper understanding of our dogs and a sensitive, sensible approach to their health care. Proper diet, lifestyle, and a holistic understanding of the unique remarkable beings that your dogs are can lift your four-legged companions out of a world of needless suffering and put them back on their feet again.

Marijke's exceptional health care methods are not an alternative; her thousands of clients from all walks of life consider them mainstream. Diet, therapeutic nutrition, natural medicines and effective animal communications belong smack-dab in the middle of primary health care. Your dog needs you to read this book!

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    Great book

    Posted by Erit Z. on 2021 Sep 9th

    The book was very informative and easy to read. Great tips on how to heal your dog there way.

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    I bought this book for

    Posted by Gerlanda M. on 2021 Feb 15th

    I bought this book for my female dog who has some allergies. I started all my 3 dogs on the vegetarian cleanse diet and my senior male dog is doing awesome on this diet. He used to lick the joints of his front paws because they were bothering him. He stopped doing it and I started tapering off his meloxicam. He is off Meloxicam now and he doesn't lick his joints anymore. I am still figuring out the allergy issues of my female. I am considering doing a hair analysis.

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    Healing Dogs Their Way

    Posted by Amy-Jo S. on 2018 Jul 25th

    Clear,concise, compassionate. This is truly a ground-breaking book filled with information that you simply won't find anywhere else on how to provide the dogs we so love with the care they so need and deserve.

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    Posted by Warren L. on 2018 Jul 25th

    As someone who worked on every page of this book with Marijke, I was astonished by the depth and breadth of her knowledge. Healing Dogs Their Way is a remarkable achievement in that it puts clear, usable information into the hands of dog owners, empowering them to make informed choices on behalf of the dogs they love. For responsible owners who want to keep their dog's best interests top of mind, I can't think of a better place to start.