Skin Heal


This is an amazing formula to help dogs struggling with chronic itching, hot spots, rashes and growths! It has been seen to resolve many skin conditions from fatty lumps to seborrhea. We formulated this unique blend of herbs to build immunity, detoxify the blood and nourish the skin. To maximize benefit combine with Riva's Pro-Colon to boost the immune system and eliminate bad bacteria.

Beneficial for: Skin Allergies, Itching, Rashes, Growths.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Chickweed, Plantain, Calendula.

Directions: The recommended daily dosage is based on your dogs weight: Up to 10kg - 1/4 tsp. 10 - 25 kg - 1 tsp. 25 -50 kg - 2 tsp. Over 50 kg - 1 tbsp. Skin Heal is a powder and can be added to their meal once a day for 6 - 8 weeks. Mix with soup, broth or gravy. If they are especially picky, start with half the recommended amount and make sure to mix it with something they LOVE!