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Product Overview

Wounds and tissue injuries are commonplace with horses. So it’s very convenient to have the right products on hand to help support them through the healing process. This trio of skin products ensures that you have everything on hand to administer natural first aid to horses with wounds and tissue trauma. These remedies help to support the immune system for healthy skin, and to maintain the resolution of open wounds and discharges.

First Aid Tip: Wounds should be kept clean with warm water and then sprayed topically with the Riva’s Herbal Skin Oil on affected areas. The Herbal Skin Oil can also be added to the wash water, which can also be used for cleaning sheaths and udders.

Equi-DermA blend of herbs to support skin health for horses with wounds or skin trauma. Natural cleanser and detoxifier that helps to promote skin wellness from the inside. 

Tissue-Aid - A homeopathic remedy for internal use to support skin and tissues in affected horses. Also maintains eye and ear health in cases of inflammation and irritation.

Riva's Herbal Skin Oil - An herbal blend of oils for topical use on all skin conditions including open wounds and abscesses. Convenient spray bottle. Not for use inside the ears or on the eyes.