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Skin conditions in horses are very common and can arise from a variety of different causes. Hives, warts, itching, scratches, rain scald, eruptions, sarcoids, infections, or unresolved wounds can be a result of leaky gut, liver toxicity, damaged skin, a hypersensitive immune system, nutrient deficiencies, and allergies including food allergies. This bundle will help to detoxify the liver, purify the blood, and support the immune system to relieve unsightly or uncomfortable symptoms and restore normal skin health.

Diet tip: Eliminate grains and some commercial feeds. Add ¼ cup of crushed flax seeds.

Equi-Derm herbal blend – Blended to support healthy skin in horses with itching, scratching, sores, growths, rain rot, and sarcoids. Natural skin cleanser and detoxifier.

Vitamin E – A traditional vitamin that has long been used for skin problems of all kinds. Promotes healthy circulation, muscles, and tissues.

Riva’s Herbal Skin Oil – A blend of light olive oil, tea tree oil, and goldenseal for topical use on all skin conditions including abscesses and wounds.

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