Equi-Derm 500g

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Healthy Skin

A blend of herbs to support healthy skin in horses with itching, scratches, sores, growths, rain rot, and sarcoids. Natural cleanser and detoxifier.

Beneficial for: Rashes ~ Growths ~ Sores

Directions: 1/4 cup daily.

Ingredients: Chickweed, Plantain, Calendula.

Size: 500g. Up to a 6 week supply. 

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    Posted by Debi H on 2022 Dec 30th

    My OTTB mare was diagnosed with Curvalaria which is a very rare a fungal infection which took months to diagnose. Her “bumps“ were biopsied by Auburn University which is one of the best veterinary colleges in the US and two other US Veterinary labs, One in Florida and one in Missouri, before finally reaching the correct diagnosis. The, “supposed” treatment is Itraconazole, at $250 a month, after four months and literally zero progress, in fact she was growing more bumps, I reached out to Rivas Remedies. I also reached out to the head of internal medicine at Haygard equine in Kentucky and internal medicine at Rood And Riddle in Kentucky. Literally no one had any answers. They have no idea of what the treatment was and no idea how to manage it. Dr. Nathan Slovis at Haygard did know that Itraconazole wasn’t going to be helpful though. So I did know at least to stop that treatment. After using the Equiderm along with Flower Power and changing just a couple of things in my horse’s diet, she was already not on any type of commercial food, basically just beet pulp, alfalfa pellets and wheat germ , The spots started to get smaller and smaller. None of them were huge, the biggest one was probably about the size of my thumb and they were only about 6 to 8 of them but they were growing and could have grown into her trachea and eventually blocked her breathing. This knowledge was what pushed me too do tons of research search and reach out to anyone that I could get to talk to me. my local vet and the other vets that I talked to and all the lab vets all knew that it wasn’t a normal diagnosis. I have long since been a believer in a holistic approach with my own health and more recently with my horse, So reaching out to Rivas was not a very big stretch, I was just glad to have been told about them by a friend. I can’t thank Elisha enough for her help with Nikkei. She is an awesome mare and like all living creatures deserves the best care that I can possibly provide. Bravo Rivas!

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    It has cleared up my

    Posted by Sue B. on 2020 Jan 9th

    It has cleared up my horses sarcoids now, after a few seasons, it stopped the itching enough to give him relief giving it time to heal. This summer the sarcoid didn't even show up but I gave it to him all summer anyway. Love it!