Summer Tincture 120ml

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Sweet Itch

An herbal tincture to promote healthy skin. Helps maintain a healthy Immune system in warm weather. 

Beneficial for: Insect Reactions ~ Itching

Directions: 1 Teaspoon (5mL). Administer orally once daily at mealtime.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Calendula, Echinacea, Linden, Milk Thistle. 


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    summer Tincture

    Posted by Kim W. on 2021 Jul 11th

    This stuff is AMAZING!! helps make my itchy mare so much more comfortable all summer!!

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    Summer Tincture

    Posted by Bettina W. on 2021 May 14th

    I have been using this tinkture for over 5 years. I start giving my horse 1 teaspoon daily in May and reduce to 3-4 times per week in June. I have a very sensitive horse, he swells up and gets major infection from bug bites if I don't use the summer Tincture. I also give the vitamin c with it. I am very happy with this product it always amazes me of how effective it is.

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    My mare,Reba,gets so agitated by

    Posted by Constance N. on 2020 Aug 4th

    My mare,Reba,gets so agitated by the mosquito bites, Riva's Summer Tincture gives her relief, she is relaxed and acts just like any other horse.

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    Summer Tincture for horses

    Posted by Kim W. on 2019 Aug 7th

    i used this tincture on my 10 year old appaloosa mare, it works very well!! This particular horse started showing signs of sweet itch at around 5 years of age, she would literally rub her belly raw on shrubs and small trees. I of course started her on lots of omega 3 feed, keeping her in a stall during fly season, along with an antihistamine. I felt the antihistamine kind of make her dopey and she was not moving around on her own as much as i thought she should, then she started getting thrush and other hoof issues. Once i started on her on the Summer Tincture she was once again an alert and happy mare, no more itching and actually looks and acts much younger!!

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    Great product and fast service.

    Posted by Robyn M. on 2019 Jun 20th

    Great product and fast service.

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    Summer tincture

    Posted by bettina w. on 2019 Jun 1st

    I have used the summer tincture for several years, it is the best product for my horses. My mare gets severe allergic reaction from bug bites, the summer tincture keeps here so much more comfortable. She gets very itchy if I don't use it. I do one teaspoon daily starting the end of May. After 3 weeks I give 1 teaspoon every other day.

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    Posted by Theresa T. on 2019 May 21st

    so far this tincture is working , my guy has less lumps and is not itching his tail, but we have had a cooler than normal spring. We shall see how it does when the heat and bugs hit.