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Horses have an enormous digestive system with up to 100 feet of intestines! That’s a lot of mileage to keep healthy. No wonder digestive problems are the most common issues with horses! Mal-digested feed products, leaky gut, dietary sugars, and grains, as well as stress and herd dynamics are common examples of conditions that adversely affect their digestion. This can result in gas, bloating, ulcers, reflux, and overall indigestion. So, we have put together the perfect product bundle to support your horse’s digestive system. Help your horse optimize absorption and digestion, support the intestinal immune system, and maintain adequate levels of probiotics.

Diet Tip: Low sugar, no grains.

Five Herb Digest herbal blend – A soothing blend to support gastric function and healthy digestion in horses with acidity. Maintains hindgut health.

Pro-Colon – Pre and probiotics to support the intestinal microbiome. Maintains friendly bacteria, normal fermentation, and a healthy intestinal immune system.

Gastricol homeopathic remedy – Maintains digestive comfort in horses with gas and bloating.


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