Happy Foot 500g

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 Hoof Care

An herbal blend formulated in response to requests from hoof trimming specialists who prefer a natural approach to hoof comfort and mobility.. Maintains healthy circulation

Beneficial for: Hooves ~ Laminae ~ Mobility

Directions: 1-2 Tbsp daily (Start with one tsp daily and increase gradually.)

Ingredients: Dandelion Root, Oatstraw, Cayenne Pepper, Celery Seed.

Size: 500g. Up to a 6 week supply. 

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    Happy foot

    Posted by Audrey W. on 2021 Jun 27th

    My horse does not like to eat this. I have to mix only ths starter dose, add it in hay cubes and a pinch of oats, and hand feed it. I have not noticed any benefit yet after 1/2 bag. :(

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    Happy Foot definitely make my

    Posted by Nancy L. on 2021 Mar 18th

    Happy Foot definitely make my horses feet happy! When their feet are happy, they are happy!

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    We used happy foot for

    Posted by Tammy S. on 2021 Feb 15th

    We used happy foot for our pre laminitic pony and within a week we noticed a difference. We kept her on it for a few months.

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    Severe laminates

    Posted by Baudina on 2020 Nov 26th

    My pony was at the point that the vet gave up. Happy foot helped her to get better. It cleared my sinuses every day, she eat it without any problem.

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    Seems to be helping my

    Posted by sue b. on 2020 Jun 12th

    Seems to be helping my horse!

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    Happy Foot

    Posted by Elizabeth T. on 2020 Jan 11th

    My farrier and I have seen a improvement in my cushings mare feet ,Opened new bag and have just started the New Happy Foot recipe, am hoping for continued improvement

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    no problem with horse eating

    Posted by gail m. on 2019 Aug 20th

    no problem with horse eating the herbs. waiting to see how long to take affect on hooves.

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    Posted by Patricia E. on 2019 Jan 2nd

    Hi wonderful people at Riva's Remedies! I have to say thank you for all that you do for our pets, it's amazing to see their transformation once they are on your product. I have purchased Happy Foot Remedies twice now, once from our local feed store, and once from your site. My adopted horse, Kida, was showing signs of serious discomfort in his front feet. Kida is an ex race horse and show jumper who suffer numerous injuries during is short career so I am kind of prepared for any signs of discomfort and keep a close eye on him. I became very concerned when I notice how difficult it was for him to turn on the spot or even to walk normally. My first thought was Laminitis though Kida didn't have any physical signs of the condition. So by changing his food and introducing him to your Happy Foot Remedies, it took Kida only a few weeks to recover completely and get back to normal. Our Foot Trimmer is so amazed at how good Kida's hooves are now compare to before, and he strongly advised us to keep Kida on your Remedies for a long time. I would recommend your Remedies to anyone who shares their lives with horses. Thank you for a fantastic product! Patricia Telkwa BC