Metabolism Drops 60ml

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A homeopathic remedy to support normal metabolism, blood sugar and weight. Maintains a normal appetite in overly hungry horses. (Formerly called Blood Sugar Formula)

Beneficial for: Sugar Metabolism

Directions: Spray one dose (5-10 pump sprays) directly into a clean mouth once daily for 21 days.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of homeopathic Alfalfa, Insulin, Juniperus and Syzygium

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    Metabolism drops

    Posted by Joanie on 2023 May 13th

    It is a great product my horse knows its tastes good, and so easy to use

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    Metabolism drops

    Posted by Christine M. on 2022 Aug 5th

    This product is amazing. I use it on my 24 yr old paint with cushings. He sheds out nicely.

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    Great homeopathic remedy

    Posted by Jenny F. on 2022 Apr 8th

    I love this remedy for it's effectiveness and ease of use . My horse actually takes to it very well and I've seen great improvement in his attitude. I just did the 21 days I do think every horse is different regards to dosage I started with a 10 spray dose for a few days then I usually keep it between 6-8, he actually loves and it so used to it!!

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    Too early to tell?

    Posted by Kim H. on 2020 Dec 5th

    I have seen some improvement in the pony I have been giving this too. I feel that it may be too early to tell if it is a long term change as I have not been giving it for the full 21 days yet. Overall, the pony happily takes the solution, although I have to spray it into a clean syringe and squirt it into her mouth as she isn't keen on the feeling of the sprays into her mouth.

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    Fabulous Product

    Posted by Jacklyn S. on 2020 May 14th

    I have 7 insulin resistance and metabolically sensitive Morgans and have been managing the condition for many years by balancing low sugar/starch hay rations, mineral supplements, balanced correct trimming and of course managing limited access to pasture. This product along with the hormone boost product have been the missing link. I noticed the return of energy and exuberance right away. This spring everyone is shedding out with the most wonderful silky soft coats. I am thrilled with the results. This program is highly recommended!