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Welcome to our Cat Shop! Whether you are looking for a fast-acting remedy for anxiety or vomiting or a long-term solution to support their kidney health we have the products and cat health experience to help. We have spent the last twenty years perfecting our formulas to deliver the very best results possible to all of our cat customers. Many cat owners come to us as a last resort after being told there is no hope and no further treatments available. Our knowledge and expertise combined with our amazing products have proven them wrong time and time again. The results speak for themselves and rest assured, we have done our research. We know how much you love them and how important it is to give them the very best care you can. It is our mission to help every pet parent, like yourself, create the healthiest lifestyle possible for your cat so that you and your fur baby feel great every day. To do that we have put together the very best selection of products on the market, made with lots of love and top-quality ingredients. May your cat live a long, happy and healthy life enjoying all your time together!




Scarlet’s Nerves Feeling Better

“Good day! In regards to Scarlet’s treatment plan, her symptoms reduced both intensity and frequency of her paroxysmal dyskinesia disorder since the inclusion of Rivas Remedies Vitamin B12 and Magnesium. I’m happy to discuss this with anyone interested, while knowing there’s no treatment for this disorder I’m confident I’m helping her live her best life. Scarlet is 8.5 years old” ... L. Norlin