Vitamin C for Dogs


Vitamin C is a super nutrient and an immune system warrior! It will help your dog fight infections, repair broken bones and heal wounds. Vitamin C is also an extremely powerful natural anti-biotic and anti-viral. Riva's Vitamin C is in the form of Ascorbic Acid which is how dogs naturally produce it. We always supplement with the form that nature intended! For acute infections combine with Infections Drops.

Beneficial for: Immunity, Wounds, Infections.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Vitamin C and Inulin. One tsp provides 500 mg of Ascorbic Acid.

Directions: The recommended daily dose is based on your dogs weight: up to 10kg - 1/8 tsp. 10 - 25 kg - 1/4 tsp. 25 -50 kg - 1/2 tsp. Over 50 kg - 1 tsp. Vitamin C is a powder and can be fed once a day with their meal. It has a very neutral flavour so they won't even know it is there!