*Sweet Itch Product Package Special

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Sweet itch is an allergic sensitivity to insect bites and is SO uncomfortable for the horses. They frantically itch, rub their bellies on the ground and take out fence posts and trees with all of their itching. And no matter how many different sprays you use or how big their summer blanket is it never resolves the problem. That’s because sweet itch is an immune problem and affects horses whose immune system is weaker and whose skin is damaged. Insects are naturally attracted to this weakened condition. Learn More

And because Marijke (our CEO) had a severe sweet itch horse one time she formulated a winning combination to give him permanent relief. Our customers report they can't believe how well it works and how much more comfortable their horses are.

To ensure that all of the sweet itch horses out there get relief this summer we are offering this special price for the Riva’s Sweet Itch product package.

Your product package will include 3 amazing remedies!

Riva's Summer Tincture (120 ml) Supports resistance to insect reactions. Promotes healthy skin and immunity.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) (500g) Supports the immune system, liver function, and healthy skin tissue.

Riva’s Healing Oil (120ml) Soothes and relieves areas of irritation. Convenient spray bottle.

Insects are not interested in healthy horses!