*Immune Support, Bundle Special for Dogs

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A healthy immune system is necessary for nearly every health condition that dogs experience including cancer. Whether they are fatigued, suffer frequent infections, have skin issues, liver stress, allergies, or digestive ailments the immune system works hard to support recovery back to good health. This bundle is intended to support that process, maintain a healthy immune system and promote optimum health and wellness.

Diet Tip: Increase plant-based foods. Decrease red meat consumption. Reduce stress levels.

Immune Force herbal blend – Supports a healthy immune system for all health conditions. Maintains liver health, kidney health, respiratory function, and normal skin tissue. Supports normal energy levels

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – An antioxidant and vitamin that maintains the immune system. Supports liver function, immunity, connective tissue (collagen), and joints.

5-Way Support – Supports the immune system, nervous system, and liver in dogs who have had acute or chronic reactions to annual injections.]