Des Finds His Forever Home To Heal His Life

Des Finds His Forever Home To Heal His Life

Posted by Marijke van de Water on 2018 Nov 26th

A big thank you to Barb Malashewsky for sharing her horse rescue story.

Des was a 9 year old QH gelding out of the hugely popular stud at the time, Dynamic Deluxe. He lived in a show barn and his life consisted of living in a stall, training in the arena, and going to shows. Then Des’s show career ended reportedly because he had a sore back. The owners decided that they wanted him euthanized.

Des’s situation came to Barb’s attention when Des’s attending veterinarian told Barb that if she was looking for a good horse she knew of one that was available as a rescue. Barb immediately took action and rescued Des out of his situation knowing that she could provide him with his forever home.

When Des arrived home with her there were no signs of a sore back but his hooves were in terrible condition from improper hoof care, long-term shoeing, and a high sugar diet. His soles were flat, his heels were under-run, the bars were folded over and pushing upward into his feet, and his frogs were contracted and diseased. No wonder his movements were stiff and his front end was awkward – pain and imbalances in the front hooves almost always affects the entire front end of the horse including the legs, neck, and shoulders.

It turned out that Des was also a bully and he was very uncooperative with a poor attitude. As Barb explains “he had been bullied himself for so long that he also became a bully.” It is also likely that Des was reacting to his chronic hoof pain along with a life without freedom.

Barb persevered and was very patient in showing him a new and more natural lifestyle which was caring and loving with very little pressure. In time, and with his new lifestyle, he became much quieter and calmer.

With a healthy barefoot trim and good hoof care, a grain-free diet, and more freedom, Des’s body soreness gradually started to improve as well. But it wasn’t until after he started the Bone-Up (calcium citrate and vitamin B6) that his hooves really improved. Barb’s trimmer reported that Des’s hooves became concave for the first time, his front end became much more flexible, and his overall movements less choppy. Clearly, Des had been deficient in calcium for quite some time and is a mineral that we often forget about - not only as a bone, joint, and muscle nutrient – but to support the tissues, joints, and structures of the hooves as well. And B6 is an important vitamin that allows tissue building proteins to transfer in and out of the hoof and joint capsules.

And, Des continued to feel better emotionally too since now he wasn’t hurting anymore. So Barb was compelled to add the Happy Horse herbal blend which continued to increase his overall happiness and wellness. The numerous trace minerals, minerals, and anti-oxidants in the Happy Horse can have a beneficial effect on not only body wellness, but brain function too. He is not only playing all the time now, but he is very mischievous too.

We are SO happy for Des and his new life! With a little effort and a whole lot of understanding of what horses are all about and what they truly need - emotionally, mentally, and physically - almost every chronic health situation can be turned around and horses can enjoy the happy, healthy lives that they deserve.

We wish Barb and Des a wonderful journey together. Some things are just meant to be.

November 2018