*Homeopathic First-Aid Kit For Dogs


RIVA’S HOMEOPATHIC FIRST-AID KIT is the perfect combination of remedies to prepare yourself or a loved one for the next canine emergency. Whether they are anxious, sore, stiff or they have an upset tummy you will be able to deliver fast results when they need them, naturally.

The RIVA’S FIRST-AID KIT will include the following homeopathic formula’s:

Calm-Aid : Fast-acting remedy for travelling, separation anxiety, thunderstorms or unexpected visitors.

Gastricol: The perfect remedy to grab when you see the first signs of indigestion, including gas, bloating or vomiting.

Injur-Ease: Great to have on hand for dogs that are stiff and sore, or for any kind injury including strains, sprains, bruising and swellings.

These best-selling homeopathic remedies are natural and safe to use for puppies, kittens or pregnant animals. They are free of long-term health risks and can be used as you need them!

Beneficial for:

Stress, indigestion, bruising or inflammation

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Add 5 -10 drops directly into your dog’s mouth twice daily or as needed without food. They can also be added to drinking water.