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Domestic horses are exposed a lot of feed toxicity that affects the health of their hindgut. Crops contaminated by soil and water, elevated heavy metals, high sugar grasses and hay, grains, starch overload, acids, and chemically laced fertilizers are common sources of intestinal toxicity. The hindgut also accumulates toxins from parasites, bacteria, and other pathogens. Therefore, like people, horses can really benefit from cleanses that target the hindgut. This helps to rid the gut of unhealthy substances, reduce leaky gut, maintain nutrient absorption, address fecal water, and balance the microbiome.

Diet Tip: Keep sugar, grains, and commercial feeds to a minimum.

Pro-Dygest herbal blend – Supports the health of the hindgut by cleansing and detoxifying. Maintains a healthy stomach and intestinal membranes.

Pro-Colon – Pre and probiotics to support the intestinal microbiome. Maintains friendly bacteria, and balanced microflora for optimum gut health and resilience.

Digestive Drops - homeopathic – Supports digestive function in horses with a toxic hindgut, poor digestion, and/or fecal water.

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