*Homeopathic First-Aid Kit for Horses

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RIVA’S HOMEOPATHIC FIRST-AID KIT is the perfect combination of remedies to prepare yourself or a loved one for the next horse emergency. Whether its colic, stress or an acute injury they will get fast results when they need them, naturally.

 The RIVA’S FIRST-AID KIT will include the following homeopathic formula’s:

Calm-Aid: Fast-acting remedy for trailering, separation anxiety, pawing or anytime they throw themselves into a sweat

Gastricol: The perfect remedy to grab when you see the first signs of colic such as kicking, pacing or rolling.

Injur-Ease: Great to have on hand for horses with any kind of injury including strains, sprains, bruising and swellings. It can also help horses with laminitis.

These best-selling homeopathic remedies have brought relief to thousands of horses. They were all so glad to have this kit at their fingertips when they needed it.

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Beneficial for:
Stress, colic or an acute injury

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Spray or syringe one dose (5-10 pump sprays) directly into a clean mouth two three times daily as needed.