Book: Healing Horses Their Way



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"I just bought this book and I'm glad I did! I have done a lot of reading on horse care, from the perspective of veterinarians, university professors, associations, and everyday horse lovers and caregivers. Many have conflicting opinions. I have found Marijke's book to be the most comprehensive explanation of how to keep a horse healthy. It's well documented, easy to follow, and very well written. Thank you Marijke and Elisha for convincing me to buy it." - K.Z.

Marijke van de Water has written an extraordinary horse health book based on over twenty years of experience as a gifted and compassionate health practitioner. Marijke, a leading practitioner in her field, has over twenty years of success with thousands of horses, many of whom were considered untreatable. Healing Horses is thorough and contains cutting edge material on diet, feed, therapeutic nutrition and natural medicines.

Marijke shares successful treatment programs that she has formulated for colic, cribbing, digestive problems, parasites, weight loss, weight gain; Horses/Symptom/Leaky Gut; skin conditions, insect sensitivities, allergies, heaves, head shaking, hormonal and endocrine imbalances, anxiety, fatigue and immune problems. There is extensive information on laminitis and Equine Metabolic Syndrome and the Reference Chapter has Natural Treatment Programs for numerous equine helth conditions. It is a user friendly and thorough guide which you will refer to many times over. It is easy to read, easy to understand and written with exceptional clarity.