Hooves are an extremely important part of horse health care.

Up to 90% of the soundness and laminitic horse cases that cross our desk every day have hoof trimming problems which have created multiple pathologies. (A pathology is defined as a structural deviation from the normal and healthy functioning hoof.) These pathologies are caused by faulty trimming practices, overdue trimming schedules, or no trimming at all. And we see this across all disciplines and all performance levels.

Unfortunately, the poorly trimmed hoof contributes to or is wholly responsible for the hoof soreness, pain, inflammation, infections, abscesses, navicular, and laminitis that so many horses are suffering from.

But most horse owners do not know what a healthy hoof should look like and therefore they can’t tell if their horses are getting the best hoof care or not. But we believe that horses everywhere deserve the best care they can get. Read on…

Here are some examples of unhealthy trim jobs. More common than you know.

Unhealthy Hooves

unhealthy hoof unhealthy hoof unhealthy hoof unhealthy hoof unhealthy hoof

And here are some examples of healthy hooves. How does your horse compare?

Healthy Hooves

no flaring healthy hoof trimmed healthy hoof  beautiful frog healthy hoof balanced hoofhealthy coffin bone hoof

Did You Know...?

  • Did you know that a laminitic hoof should be trimmed every 2-3 weeks?
  • Did you know that an unsound or laminitic horse should not be confined?
  • Did you know that shoes do not correct the underlying pathologies?
  • Did you know that a pasture trim is very different from a barefoot trim?
  • Did you know that horses are still wrongly being euthanized for laminitis because people believe they have run out of options?

It is our duty and our mission here at Riva’s Remedies to help horses through their hoof problems by educating their people with solid information that has proven to help thousands of horses get back on their feet. And the first most important step to making that happen is to ensure that your horse is getting a regular, balanced trim. And because a lot of our customers don’t have access to a qualified barefoot trimming specialist we now provide expert online help to assess your horses’ hooves as well as trimming guidance, if required, for you or for your current trimmer.

Meet Your Online Trimmer - Jessica Fobert

Jessica is our hoof health assessment and trimming expert and for the last 12 years, she has dedicated herself to hoof soundness. She is passionate about hooves and supporting health, wellness, and optimum movement in all equines.

Jessica is certified with both the American Hoof Association and the Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners group. She is also the co-founder of an equine rehabilitation centre located North of Toronto, Ontario where she works with a variety of hoof problems and pathologies. She is also oversees Barefoot Horse Canada, an organization that educates owners and other hoof care professionals on the importance of natural hoof care. She explains that the foundation of the entire horse is their hooves, and her goal is to help them feel confident and capable by ensuring they receive optimum trims.

Jessica continues to be inspired by the horses she works with. One of the most rewarding parts of her job is watching them process the hoof changes during the trim as they begin to feel more balanced and comfortable.

“The moment they let out a deep breath, roll their eyes, yawn, blow, lick, or chew is when I know that they appreciate what I have done.”

Book An Assessment! Your horse will thank you

Hoof Assessment

The Basic Hoof assessment will give you clarity and understanding about your horse’s hooves. An assessment is the starting point for every horse owner that wants to ensure their horse’s hooves are getting the best trim possible. This option will assess all aspects of your horse’s hooves. It will tell you where the imbalances are, what is putting them at risk, and what needs to be corrected.

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The Recovery Trim

If you have problems finding a local trimmer who can help your horses, then we would recommend for you to book specialized hoof guidance for the next 3 trims. Our Hoof Care Specialist can guide your current hoof trimmer with detailed instructions. Many trimmers are open to learning more about how to help your horse. Or some horse owners may want to do the trimming themselves.

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Hoof Assessment + 3 Trims

This package includes the full assessment along with the 3 guided trims and is more economical than purchasing them separately. Whether your horse needs a second opinion or outside guidance this will ensure that your horses are moving in the right direction.

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Additional Guided Trims

Some people like to do some follow-up trims to ensure that their horses’ hooves haven’t strayed from the best trimming practices. You can purchase as many extra sessions as you need within one year of your initial assessment.

Yes please, I need the extra guidance
  • What Jessica's Clients Say

    Diane (Elmira, Ontario)

    I am filled with relief. My mare Red is SO much better fresh off a trim than I've seen her for a long time, so we are really making progress. Jessica's careful consideration and knowledgeable input certainly improved her comfort level in the feet. I am astonished most days at how far Red has come already! And this all turned around due to Jessica's trimming guidance and super holistic advice as well.

  • What Jessica's Clients Say

    Janet Grant (Hockley Valley, Ontario)

    Jessica is the best hoof care professional I know. She has been working with my 3 Paso Fino horses for a few years now. Jessica is never rough with the horses, always kind - they are always well behaved for her and seem to enjoy the time spent having their hooves trimmed. I have struggled in past with very challenging episodes of insulin resistance and laminitis. My horses are all doing well now, thanks to Jessica’s excellent care and great depth of knowledge.

  • What Jessica's Clients Say

    Cathy Turgeon (Prince George, BC)

    In January of 2020 we were contemplating euthanasia for our miniature horse, Louie, who was suffering form chronic laminitis. At that time, we contacted both Riva’s Remedies and Jessica Fobert. Jessica’s assessment and recommendations were very thorough, well laid out, and easy to follow, allowing myself and our local farrier to learn while bringing Louie back to soundness. Jessica was always accessible and willing to answer questions and go over things more than once if I needed. The fact that Jessica is thousands of kilometres away is of no consequence at all and I would highly recommend her. Louie is now sound, happy and living life!

  • What Jessica's Clients Say

    Brittni Friesen (Fort Saint James, BC)

    My pony's foundered feet needed an intervention and the conventional farrier methods were making the situation worse. Jessica was able to help me understand what was happening on the inside of her hooves and how to support healthier growth with the trim. Her explanations and marked pictures were so helpful. I would not have gotten my pony to where she is today without Jessica's patience and encouragement. I am very happy with the changes I've seen in my pony so far and will continue to use her services in the future.