Parasite Program Assessments for Horses

– Take the Guesswork out of your Horse’s Parasite Program –


There is much confusion and so many questions about the equine parasite problem – if to worm, when to worm, what to use for de-wormers and how to use them. Horse owners also want to know how to build up the horses’ immunity and resistance to prevent parasites rather than having to administer frequent treatments. It is also very important to know if the parasites have encysted or not – encysts most commonly migrate to the liver, kidneys and/or heart and require a different treatment than intestinal parasites.

A parasite work-up includes energy testing all of the de-wormers including specific chemical de-wormers, herbal de-wormers, homeopathic remedies and any nutrient deficiencies or digestive/cecal issues contributing to poor parasite resistance or frequent overloads. Marijke will also outline the exact dosages and frequency required for each indicated treatment or supplement. In this way a program is customized for an optimum de-worming program that is specific to your horse’s situation.

We are constantly amazed at the different programs that horses test for and how successful they are. The results are effective and horse owners are amazed at the difference in their horses’ health and immunity. As one customer commented:

I can’t believe how many worms my horse has passed in the last two weeks – and all this time I thought she was ill. And now she is passing 3-5 round white worms in each stool pile. No one can believe the difference in her appearance and the sparkle in her eyes…miracle products.

Thank you for always being there. Denny S……B.C.

How to Schedule a Parasite Assessment
for Your Horse

Please provide us with a completed intake form, a picture of your horse and a picture of his/her manure.

Cost: $49.95 + GST = $52.45 per horse.

Download the Parasite Treatment Intake Form