Marijke van de Water

MarijkesmMarijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS

  • Equine Health & Nutrition Specialist
  • Homeopathic Practitioner
  • Medical Intuitive & Healer
  • Author & Educator

Marijke works from her natural health clinic in Armstrong, B.C. where she specializes in helping all animals – dogs, cats, horses – and their people. She holds a B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition and a Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Science. She blends her vast knowledge of science, health and nutrition with natural medicine, kinesiology and energy healing to achieve high success rates with her cases. She works with all health conditions including digestive disorders, immune disorders, allergies, metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, behavioural problems, and emotional and spiritual wellness.

Marijke has been in practice for over two decades as a gifted intuitive and widely respected healer – she has an uncanny ability to track the true and underlying causes of un-wellness. She uses a variety of modalities including diet, therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy, kinesiology and energy work. After years of extensive experience and after thousands of success cases with animals and people Marijke developed her own kinesiology technique trademarked as The Marijke Method™ which is a specific technique used to determine the underlying cause of un-wellness and formulate a personal health program to correct it.

Marijke is the founder, formulator and CEO of Riva’s Remedies and has extensive experience facilitating seminars, teaching workshops and accepting speaking engagements. Her course topics include nutrition, animal wellness, natural medicines, energy medicine, kinesiology, animal communication and healing workshops.

Marijke is the host of the on-line radio show: “Healing With The Marijke Method” which publishes a variety of different healing modalities for people, horses, dogs and cats.

Marijke is also the author of two books:

1) Healing Horses Their Way – 2nd Edition published April 2012
2) Healing People The Marijke Method – published November 2011


Fun Facts About Marijke

  • aboutMarijke lives with two quarter horse mares (Riva and her daughter Sapphire), one black and white paint gelding (Eclipse), a Shetland pony (Kodi) who taught her everything she knows about EMS and laminitis, and a miniature cross donkey (Bo) who can run faster than a dog.
  • She showed quarter horses on the B.C. Amateur Quarter Horse Circuit for several years.
  • Marijke began her career as a people practitioner with her own health clinic and homeopathic pharmacy in Nanaimo, B.C. in 1991.
  • Marijke considers her disciplines of diet, nutrition, homeopathy, natural medicine and energy healing as mainstream medicine and considers drugs and surgery as undesirable alternatives.
  • Marijke rides English, Western, bareback and always bit-less.
  • She enjoys interacting with her horses through fun-filled partnership, good food, intuitive communications, healings and a sharing of the spirit.
  • Marijke “hangs out” with her horses without ropes, halters or intention; she is trying to understand their unique language and her place in their hierarchy.
  • She is a barefoot trimmer who trims her own horses.
  • Her horses are her mentors who teach her about love, compassion, spiritual journeys and freedom.
  • Marijke has studied with numerous different Shamans including the traditional Incan Shamans in Peru. Aside from incorporating healing journeys into her work with people and animals she also conducts soul retrievals, extractions, home and land clearings, fire ceremonies and Shamanic Healing Days.
  • She has facilitated a number of healing retreats for people which include shamanic journeys, The Yuen Method and incorporating the power of animal healings.