Hoof Assessment

Almost every single one of the hundreds of horses that Marijke works with every year to help correct soundness issues have hoof balance and trimming issues. Poor hoof balance contributes to circulatory problems, inflammation, thrush, laminitis – both acute and chronic, founder, so-called navicular, joint inflammation, body soreness and behavioural problems. And, in addition, hoof problems are often mistaken for arthritis – even in young horses.

Unfortunately, horse owners are not sure what a healthy hoof should look like and therefore trust their hoof care practitioners to get it right. Sadly, this is often not the case and many times we are even told that their horses have the best farrier in the world (but still have the worst feet!)

Schedule a hoof assessment and Marijke will prepare a complete written report as to the overall hoof health, existing pathologies and what type of trim is necessary to restore soundness. Recommendations for diet and vitamins/minerals to strengthen hoof growth and repair are also included.

Please fill out and return the intake form and email the following pictures:

  1. One picture of your horse taken from the side to show the body confirmation. (No blanket).
  2. Three pictures of one front hoof, barefoot with no shoes:

a) One picture of the sole. Make sure that the bottom of the hoof is clean with no mud or dirt.

b) One picture of the front hoof*

c) One picture of the side hoof*

*Set your horse’s hoof on a flat surface – concrete, wood or dry ground. Do not take pictures of your horse standing in grass. Take both pictures from ground level, i.e. get the camera as close to the ground as possible and straight on.

Take all the pictures outside in good lighting with no blur. Make sure that all pictures are taken within one week of a recent trim.

Fee per horse: $50.00

Note: If your horse is currently laminitic, insulin resistant, overweight or Cushing’s it is recommended to schedule a complete consultation rather than just a hoof assessment since the whole horse needs to be evaluated; the hoof assessment is included in the full consultation price of $200.

Download Hoof Assessment Intake Form

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