Healing Horses with Kinesiology


“The Marijke Method™”

A fun and practical hands-on one-day workshop on the theory and practice of “energy testing” using The Marijke Method™. The Marijke Method™ is a technique developed for healing animals and people through kinesiology, nutrition, natural medicines and vibrational remedies. It evaluates health status, assesses body organ function, diet, nutrient deficiencies and identifies the underlying cause of all health problems. From there the method is used to formulate a comprehensive health program using nutrition, supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies and energy healing. This technique was developed by Marijke from her natural health practice of over twenty years and thousands of success cases.

You will learn how it works, why it works, when it doesn’t work, and receive extensive practice testing food, allergens, remedies and energy points on different horses.

  • “The Marijke Method™” has helped thousands of people and animals restore their health.
  • “The Marijke Method™” is based on nutritional science, natural medicine and energy healing.
  • Learn how to identify your horses’ health problems.
  • Test your horses for food intolerances, allergies, nutrient deficiencies and organ dysfunction.
  • Create a health program based on nutrition, natural medicines and vibrational remedies.

“I have a lot more confidence now in my results – Marijke makes this technique easy to learn and fun to practice ”.…L.G.

“….an extremely useful tool in health problem-solving” ….D.C.

“I’ve been looking for this method for years……thank you!”….S.E.

This workshop is facilitated by Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., (Clinical Nutrition) DHMS (Homeopathic Medicine). Marijke is a Homeopathic Practitioner, Equine Health & Nutrition Specialist, Medical Intuitive & Healer and Author & Educator from Armstrong, B.C. with over twenty years of experience in private practice. She resolves a variety of horse health conditions through diet, nutrition, supplements, herbs, homeopathy and kinesiology. Her easy style, expert knowledge, and extensive teaching experience have put her in high demand across North America for her informative lectures, fascinating workshops, and successful health practices with both people and horses.

Marijke is the author of two books: “Healing Horses Their Way” and “Healing People The Marijke Method” and is also the founder and formulator of two “Riva’s Remedies” natural health product lines – one for horses and one for dogs and cats. Marijke also hosts her own on-line weekly radio show – “Healing With The Marijke Method” a healing show for people, horses, dogs and cats.

WHAT TO BRING:   Vitamins, supplements, foods, or any other substances that you wish to test for yourself, your horse or other animals. Bring snacks and lunch.





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