Health FAQs

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Do your products drug test for competition?

Homeopathic remedies are always competition safe and have zero risk for drug testing since there are no chemical molecules present.

Many of our Herbal Blends and Specialized Nutrients are also safe for competition, however, because the individual regulations are complex and vary within each riding discipline it is always best to check with your association and/or governing body.

We do not recommend using the Calm & Cool, Happy Foot, and/or Joint-Clear since these contain either valerian root or yucca root. However, you may use the homeopathic Calm-Aid and/or Injur-Ease as safe and effective substitutes.

In a horse with normal metabolism, restricted substances naturally found in herbs will normally clear the system within 4-5 days.

My horse is taking an herbal blend but I would like to add some other supplements. Is there anything else I can give him/her?

Yes, whereas an herbal blend is often enough to heal a particular health problem and/or to restore health, most health conditions are accompanied by nutrient deficiencies. Combining a herbal blend with a well-selected vitamin/mineral will accelerate the healing of almost every health problem. We carry a variety of single specialized nutrients so that we can select individual nutrients rather than multiples – this way the treatment is very specific and the dosages can be exactly adjusted to fit the problem. If you are unsure what your horse is needing or which nutrient he/she is lacking contact our office for assistance.

What can I do for my horse who has “figured out” the slow feeder and is no longer slow feeding?

The problem with most slow feeders made from rope is that the horses learn to pull hay from multiple squares instead of just one square thus they can ingest more hay with one bite. This is especially common with easy keepers and metabolic horses.

The Riva’s Healthy Slow Feeders are made from high quality tough vinyl with one inch webbing between the squares thus a horse cannot eat from multiple squares at one time. They are high quality, long-lasting and easy to fill.

Why would a natural approach help with my horses’ health problems?

Most health problems, in both animals and people, are caused by diet, nutrition, lifestyle and/or emotional problems. Some people see this as a natural approach – we see this not only as a natural approach but also as a mainstream approach, with drugs and/or surgery being an alternative or last resort.

My horse has unresolved health problems and I’ve tried everything – how can you help?

Most people who have “tried everything” have only tried what they can think of or whatever therapies may be locally available to them without ever knowing what the true cause of the un-wellness really is. Marijke and Riva’s Remedies specialize in helping people identify the underlying cause of their animals’ health problems which is usually related to poor or inappropriate diet, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, lack of exercise, poor immunity, hormonal imbalances, stress and/or emotional problems. The owner’s health is also a significant factor as many animals frequently “sponge” the health problems of their beloved owner. Marijke is a highly experienced and gifted practitioner who is able to identify these problems for both animals and people.

Is it necessary to supplement my horse with vitamins and minerals?

Ideally, adequate levels of vitamins and minerals would be available in the diet to sustain the numerous body functions and processes that support life itself. Were this the case an adequate diet would be all that is necessary to prevent all nutrition-related diseases. However, similar to humans, horses must deal with the many factors that compromise optimum nutrient levels: over-fertilization, pesticides, insecticides, high sugar diets, high protein diets, high fat diets and inadequate diets, lack of exercise, aging, medications and stress, all of which deplete nutrients. Aside from overt symptoms of nutritional deficiency these factors often create sub-clinical nutrient