Animal Communication


“To Heal Your Animals Is To Heal Yourself”

An absolute must for animal lovers and those who want to experience their healing journey with the help and love of their animal friends. This is accomplished through intuitive animal communications and journeying through the world of the spirit. Communicating with animals/nature is not magical – it is possible because of our inherent relationship with the universe and the “energy” network that exists between all living things.

Find out what your pet likes and dislikes, their favourite foods and activities, their emotions, their experiences, their health but, most importantly, what they want you to know about you. We will quietly attune ourselves to animals and our own profound being through sensing, feeling and journeying.

This day is full of guided meditations, attunements, new insights, personal growth, healing exercises and, of course, conversations with animals.

“Put me on the long list of people whose lives you’ve helped make better” ……L.B.

“I had no idea how profound our relationships with animals really are” …..G.B.

“I am in awe of how things work…you are an amazing teacher”   …L.V.

Marijke’s skills as a medical intuitive and animal communicator are significant tools in her practice to help animals (and their people) by identifying the underlying cause of all health problems – whether they are physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual.

Her continuing research, experience, expert knowledge, and exceptional communication skills have put her in high demand in North America for her informative lectures, fascinating workshops and successful health practices.

Marijke is the author of two books: “Healing Horses Their Way” and “Healing People The Marijke Method” and is also the founder and formulator of two “Riva’s Remedies” natural health product lines – one for horses and one for dogs and cats. Marijke also hosts her own on-line weekly radio show – “Healing With The Marijke Method” a healing show for people, horses, dogs and cats.


  • Pictures of animals, domesticate or wild, that you wish to communicate with.
    (Pictures should be  between 3”-5” X 5”-7”on any type of paper but no frames or cell phones.
  • *No live animals please*

LOCATION:   Riva’s Ranch – 3991 Hullcar Road, Armstrong, B.C

DATE & TIME:   Friday, October 14th – 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

COST:   $175


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