Hay Saver

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$350 each. Please Contact Us To Order!

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Slow feeders help to regulate weight, control insulin levels and hunger, support digestion, prevent boredom, and decrease stress levels. Therefore, horses feel more relaxed, content, and healthy. And you can save up to 30% of your hay!

Hay Savers are made from very tough food grade plastic (horses can't destroy or damage them), they weigh 12 kg, and are suited for 2 horses or 3 ponies. They fit 20 kg of hay or approximately one small bale. They are strong, and durable which means no repairs required. The grills are smooth and easy on the mouth and horses can eat from a natural position with their heads down. They can also be used as a hay soaker or a water trough. Extra slow feeding grills are available for $74.95.

We know your horses are going to love them! And so will you because they are so easy to fill!

Pick up at our flagship store in Armstrong, B.C. or we can ship to wherever you are (extra shipping fees apply).



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    On paper this looked great.

    Posted by Lynne M. on 2021 Sep 17th

    On paper this looked great. However there are some design flaws. The box is much narrower at the bottom than the top so the horses flipped it over early in the night and then they couldn't flip it back over. They had also bent the grid into a permanent banana shape. I put some bricks into the bottom and that solved the flipping over problem. Rivas were very helpful in problem solving and sent me the super slow feeding grill free of charge. The holes were too small for my horses- 3 inches diameter. My husband enlarged the holes to 4 inches and that has worked well so far. They have learned to tilt the grid on its side to pull hay from underneath. Still, there seems to be less waste on the ground. While I was getting the second grill ready they almost destroyed the original grill and were tearing the plastic and were able to pull the grill out of the feeder. I am continuing to use it so I gave it an OK. It is certainly easier to fill than the round slow feeders or a hay net.