Guidelines to Feeding Cats Herbs, Nutrients and Homeopathic Medicines

Guidelines to Feeding Cats Herbs, Nutrients and Homeopathic Medicines

Posted by Riva's Health Care Team on 2018 Jun 28th

How to Administer

Herbs, herbal tinctures, vitamins and minerals can be added to the food. Herbs and any of the Specialized Nutrients can be fed together.

The Riva’s products are very palatable, however for any stronger tasting herbs or for finicky cats start with one product at a time. Then start with a very small amount and increase the dosage gradually to the desired amount or until they refuse it, at which point you can decrease the dosage again.

Homeopathic remedies (liquid or pellets) need to be administered directly into a clean mouth without food. The Riva’s Remedies liquid formulations come with a dropper - the drops should be given into a clean mouth without food. They can also be dissolved into a small amount of clean water. Either way it is convenient to use a medicine dropper or syringe. Follow it up with a little treat and they will look forward to their “medicines” every day.

If the animal is very difficult to handle add the recommended drops or the water solution to their drinking water.

Homeopathic remedies in any form are completely safe for all cats and kittens as well dogs, puppies and even birds.

How Long to Feed Supplements For

Like humans, cats are all very unique and can have very different responses to their supplement programs. The duration of a health program not only depends on the health of your cat but also on the specific health condition, as well as the actual supplements. It is never advisable to keep cats (or people) on the same herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies for long and indefinite periods of time. Health and wellness is in a state of constant change - if supplements are taken for too long they will no longer be of benefit or they can begin to cause other problems. Many times cats are fed a particular health product for several months or even years without the owners ever knowing if it is helping or not or even if it is doing harm.

Supplements should be used to resolve a specific health problem or to correct a deficiency after which they should be discontinued or reduced to a maintenance dosage. They can also be used as needed: in other words, if the symptoms disappear every time you add the supplement, then continue to feed it. Or, if the general well-being of the dog is obviously improved while on a particular product then it is beneficial to continue. But if there are no observable differences with or without the supplement it is best not to continue. In any case, give all supplements a break from time to time, not only to determine the actual benefits, but to “refresh” the response should that particular supplement ever be required again.

Here are some general guidelines for specific supplements and remedies:

Herbal Blends

It is advisable to feed the daily dosage on the label for up to one month. If the health condition has completely improved by that time slowly discontinue the product. If the condition reappears, then resume giving the product as before. If, after one month, the condition is still gradually improving but not yet resolved continue feeding the herbs. If there is no improvement after thirty days then the herbs can be discontinued. Herbs used for cleansing or detoxification can be given for up to six to eight weeks. Herbal blends used for nutritional purposes can be used indefinitely because the ingredients are blended to provide vitamins and minerals from plant food sources. In this case they are considered more as “functional foods”, rather than “therapeutic medicines”.

Shop for Herbal Blends

Shop for Herbal Blends

Specialized Nutrients

Specific vitamins and minerals should be given at the recommended dosage for four to six weeks. After that time, if the condition has improved continue to feed a maintenance dose of twice weekly, instead of daily. Maintenance dosages prevent both nutrient deficiencies as well as excesses. If the original health problem or condition reappears on the maintenance dosage, then resume the full dosage as recommended.

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Homeopathic Remedies

These are usually prescribed for a specific period of time by a Homeopathic Practitioner so it is best to follow instructions. However, the general rule of thumb is to discontinue the remedy as soon as the symptoms disappear. If symptoms reappear resume the remedy. If the symptoms do not disappear within a few days change remedies.

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Shop for Homeopathic Remedies

All Products

As with any supplement or feed, if adverse effects are suspected discontinue the product immediately. That said, barring a specific allergy or intolerance, negative reactions to good quality herbs and remedies are very uncommon and if they do occur they disappear almost immediately after discontinuing the product. With the appropriate diet and supplement program positive results and changes are usually observed within one to two weeks if not sooner. However, chronic problems - such as metabolic problems, immune disorders, arthritis or some skin conditions for example - may take longer.