in Health Conditions




  • Adverse reactions to vaccines
  • Over-vaccinating
  • Multiple vaccines at one time
  • Poor immunity


Recommended Remedies – dosages as per label:

Neuro-Aid – Relieves and helps to neutralize reactions to the nervous system resulting  in neurological symptoms

Equi-Boost – Strengthens and nourishes the immune system, detoxifies the liver,  builds vitality, detoxifies heavy metals

Joint Clear – Natural anti-inflammatory for acute reactions; boosts adrenal glands

Vitamin C – Improves immunity, supports the liver, adrenal gland nutrient

Selenium, organic – Chemical detoxifier, liver detoxifier, strengthens immune system

Special Notes:

  • a) There is much new information and research surfacing regarding the necessity as well as the risks of over-vaccinations. Adverse vaccine reactions can be immediate or insidiously delayed by several days, weeks or months. Reactions are particularly common in sensitive horses with compromised immunity and can be acute or chronic and affect the liver, immune system and nervous system. As well, all equine killed vaccines contain mercury, which is a neurotoxin. It is the opinion of many holistic veterinarians that after years of regular vaccines horses are protected for the rest of their lives without further injections. Some veterinarians are also now claiming that even initial vaccines last for at least seven years.