Sweet Itch

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Sweet Itch


  • Intense itching and scratching of the mane, tail and/or underbelly
  • Hair loss
  • Bare patches
  • Crusted skin
  • Open wounds
  • Agitation and restlessness in the spring/summer


  • Sensitivity to insects
  • Allergies to insect bites
  • Poor immunity
  • Damaged skin which then attracts biting insects


Diet & Nutrition:

  • Eliminate high sugar/starch feed
  • Eliminate dietary fats and oils

Recommended Remedies – dosage as per labels:

  • Summer Tincture – Blocks allergy reactions, builds immunity, strengthens resistance, heals skin
  • Vitamin C – Improves immunity, helps to acidify the skin, liver support
  • Riva’s Primrose Oil – Natural anti-inflammatory, skin health, immunity, adrenal support
  • Riva’s Healing Oil – For external use – hot spots, bare spots  infections and sores; natural antibiotic and anti-fungal.  Repels insects.