Ringbone & Sidebone

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Ringbone & Sidebone


  • Calcification and inflammation of the pastern joints (ringbone)
  • Calcification and inflammation of the lateral cartilages (sidebone)
  • Lameness
  • Gait changes


  • Poor hoof trimming practices including long toes, high heels
  • Long-term shoeing – increases concussive forces
  • Extreme work and repeated pounding on hard surfaces – eg. jumpers, Standardbred racing
  • High sugar and grass diets
  • Nutritional deficiencies


Diet & Nutrition

  • Eliminate high sugar/starch diets
  • Eliminate or limit grass grazing

Recommended Remedies

  • Bone-Up – Strengthens bone, joints and connective tissue; nutritional support, anti-arthritic
  • Injur-Ease – Homeopathic Remedy for inflammation of bone and connective tissue
  • Circu + Plus – Natural anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, anti-arthritic
  • Ruta Grav – Addresses bone and periosteum (not available on-line, call to order)

Special Notes:

a) Ringbone and side bone conditions are the body’s natural defense mechanisms to protect the pastern and hoof joints from toxins, trauma and injuries