in Health Conditions



  • Agitation
  • Snorting and blowing
  • Head tossing and shaking
  • Shaking or jerking of the head or neck
  • Wiping of the nose on the ground or legs


  • Inhalant Allergies
  • Congestion
  • Sinus Infections
  • Nasal Irritation
  • Parasites – Refer to Parasite Page
  • Headaches


Diet & Nutrition

  • Eliminate all grains and commercial feeds or food intolerances that could trigger allergies and/or a headache
  • Decrease dust, pollen and mold exposure

Recommended Remedies – dosage as per labels

  • Allerg-Ease – Neutralizes dust, mold, pollen allergies; improves immunity and congestion
  • Vitamin C – Improves immunity; supports lymphatic system
  • Equi-Boost – Immunity and detoxification, anti-viral and antibiotic
  • Bronc-Aid – Respiratory, ear, nose and throat congestion; irritations, inflammation, coughs